Friday, January 18, 2013

Potty Training

Yay! I made it back within a month!

The past few days have been so rainy and dreary here! It has completely sucked. Yesterday, they were even calling for snow. (Which is a huge frickin' deal to us North Carolinians!) Everyone literally runs out to get their milk sandwich ingredients when they hear word of 1 centimeter of snow. We love our snow. We're lucky to see it once a year. So, last night we waited and waited. I even kept Mackenna up until 10 pm just hoping she could see one snowflake. Well...that's about all we saw. It ended up being a rainy snowy mix...mess. Boo.

Stuck being in the house for so long got me very bored after a while. I randomly decided "Hey! It's a perfect day to potty train!"  Mackenna heard the word "train" and she's suddenly all in. I've been needing to start. I just simply haven't because I was too dang scared to. We've always had some sort of plans to go somewhere or something that has kept me from trying. But since we weren't going anywhere in the mess outside, I knew it'd be the perfect opportunity. I put her panties on after she had her morning poop. I was not about to deal with that first thing in the morning in the very first 10 minutes of potty training. She almost immediately used her potty! All I told her was she's a big girl, no more using diapers, and every time she pees in her potty, she gets 2 m&ms. (I almost typed "eminems" - ugh!) So far so good! This child loves, I mean LOVES candy. That's all it took. No charts with cute stickers, no sitting in the bathroom for hours, no putting the potty in the living room...nothing! Am I lucky or what?! Now I know we're bound to have a few accidents. We did have one yesterday evening, and that's fine. I just feel like I was so intimidated over nothing. Today we even went to Target and were gone for 2 whole hours and she stayed completely dry the entire time. The only thing is... she hasn't pooped yet. It is starting to make me nervous. I got her the little toddler potty seat that fits on the regular toilet to use for that type of restroom trip. I'm trying my damnedest to avoid the transfer of poop from one potty to the other then chloroxing everything in site. Yikes! That definitely gets my germaphobe nerve going. I just figured it'll be much easier (for me...I know, how selfish of me) for her just to go in the big potty. I hope I don't confuse the crap out of her. Or maybe I do. Har Har Har.

I figured out how to make myself a new siggy. Go me! I think I also have a new name for my blog. I've never really liked this one. I'm usually not into the 'catchy" stuff, but this is all I could come up with at the time. I'm thinking about "A Glimpse of Hope." Get it? Yes, still kinda catchy. BUT it's pretty literal. A glimpse...of my life.

Hope everyone had an awesome week! Happy Friday y'all!!


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