Monday, January 28, 2013

Bachelor Time!

It's Monday!!

I'm probably one of the few people who love Mondays because.... I don't have a job THE BACHELOR COMES ON!!

I've been obsessed with The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad for a handful of seasons now. I can't remember what season I really start watching. Maybe Brad's second one. I know I didn't watch during his first. I feel like such a loser too. Did anyone watch the last Bachelor Pad? The one where they had fans in the house? The fans were made fun of the whole time for being "fans." Oh well. I don't see these people as "celebrities." I'm sure half of the contestants were fans at one point. fact: I worked at Hooters the same time as Blakely, from last season, did. She worked at a different location, but I remember doing several bikini contests and a calendar photo shoot with her. I don't think she was as crazy as they made her seem on the show. Or maybe so...I didn't know her that well. Anyway....yay for Monday!

I also love when it's Bachelor time instead of Bachelorette because there's something more interesting about a whole bunch of girls fighting for a guy...than a bunch of guys fighting for the girl. Darren tries to act like he doesn't enjoy watching it, (and Honey Boo Boo) but he sits and talks crap about all of the girls and all of the drama going on with two little highschool bitches. We also talk about the Jersey Shore cast like they're our personal friends when I used to "make" him watch that with me too.

I would say who I like so far this season, but my opinion of the girls is ruined now since I looked up the spoilers already. For some reason, I'm not a surprise girl. If the winner is already known out there somewhere, I wanna know now! I still enjoy watching the season anyway. Plus, it's neat to see the winner's relationship form with him as the season goes since I know who to watch.

 Blakely and I. 2006, I think. Yuck.

Have a good week y'all!!


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