Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First 5k

Recap of my first 5k...almost 2 weeks later? Sure, why not!

In the middle of February, I finally gave in and decided I would try this thing called running. I downloaded the C25k app, got myself some running shoes, signed up for my 5k, and prayed I wouldn't kill myself trying to complete it. Before then, I didn't run. all. Okay, maybe I've been walking for a few months. But, other than that, my big ole booty could barely run a whole minute a time.

That's where the C25K app came in. It really does work, y'all. I thought there was no in hell I'd be able to run longer than 5 minutes at a time when I started. I did 7 weeks of the program in 3 weeks and I was ready as I could be before The Green Run 5k.

The night and morning before (the race started at 4pm..I know, strange!) I was SO nervous. I'm pretty sure I drove Darren crazy saying "I'm scared!"..over..and over. I really wasn't scared about the actual running part. I was more afraid I would pass out, puke, or just make a complete fool of myself. I also get crazy anxiety when I don't know what to expect of something. I've never even been to a race, so I had no idea how it worked.

So 4:00 finally came. My best friend, her son (Mackenna's BFF), Darren, and Mackenna all got in their places to cheer us on. My mom, stepdad, and I got in line for the race. I thought "Well..this is it!" And we were off!

There were no mile markers or anything, but I felt like a rockstar the first mile or so. I was passing people left and right, but at the same time, not using up all of my steam right off the bat. I got a little ahead of my mom. At that point, my stepdad was long gone ahead of us.

Probably half way through, I started to walk. There was a group of girls handing out cups of water so I grabbed a cup, chugged it down, and started running again. I had no idea how hilly the route would be. Ugh. Some of those hills were TOUGH. The route also had us going on the sidewalk along a pretty busy road. I thought it was kinda funny and motivating that people riding by would yell and cheer for us. That, God, and my "Pop, Lock, and Drop it" pandora station got me up those big hills!

When I started getting the sense that I should be almost done, I saw this crazy man running the wrong direction back towards me. He didn't have a bib on, so I thought "Does this idiot not realize he's running through a middle of a race?!" Well, wouldn't you know that would be my stepdad, Jason. He finished his race in like 20 minutes and was now showing off coming back to meet me and my mom. He stayed with me the last 2 or 3 blocks and ran up to the finish line with me. He rocks! My mama was only about 30 seconds behind me, which I thought was amazing. She doesn't run, but she works out hard in the gym with Jason.

I was SO excited when I crossed the finish line, all I could do was smile at Mackenna and Darren. I didn't even think/care to look up at the time when I crossed the finish line. After hugs and high fives, I realized I didn't even know my time. So, I started walking around like a crazy person trying to figure out where/when I could see it. Finally, I found out I finished in 32 minutes! I thought that was great! I was really wanting to be less than 35, so that time was perfectly acceptable for me.

After the 5k, they had a 1 mile fun run. It was for mostly kids and the children with disabilities that the race was put on for. It was really awesome to watch!

Then it was time for awards. I didn't expect to win at all. But guess what? I freaking won for my age group! And my mom even won for hers! Rockstar runner, Jason, got 3rd in the entire race! I was/am so happy to be their daughter! Jason told me after the race "I never thought I'd be doing THIS with you!" Me either. Like I said, 2 years ago, I would have NEVER thought I'd run a race. Or actually just run period.

But I did it! I did it! We're doing another one next month and now I'm crazy enough to think about signing up for a 10k, then eventually a half marathon at some point.