Saturday, January 26, 2013

"It Works" Body Wraps

Happy Saturday people!!

This morning the lady I sale Tastefully Simple under hosted her own "It Works" wrap party. I don't know what it is with me and any type of home party, but I always go. If I'm invited....I'll be there.

I got there and the consultant applied my wrap and then we sat and listened while she explained her products for about 45 minutes. They were actually pretty interesting. It didn't really feel like anything was going on under my wrap. 

After she went through and explained all of the other things she sells besides the wraps, we went one by one to remove our wraps and take our measurements again. Some people lost 1-2 inches and others actually gained a couple. Wouldn't you know, I'd be one of the ones who gained. The consultant explained that it's normal to gain inches right away as it's your body breaking down those toxins and the best results are 72 hours after removing the wrap. Ok...whatever. I'm sure I have a LOT of leftover toxins from last night to get rid of...(after I consumed about 4 beers, skipped dinner because I wasn't hungry at the time...then later binged on mini corn dogs, pizza rolls, cheddar puffcorn, and artichoke & spinach dip.) Yes. I did that. I wish I were joking. My hint of ab muscles starting to poke through the surface the other day are now underneath all of that yummy crap.

Here's my results photos. If it's true that the best results come later...I'll take another set of afters.
Sorry about the lighting and my bummy clothes. It was obviously earlier and darker in my room in the first set. I can't tell a lot of difference except in the tightness of my skin.

 AFTER:  (Holy bajeebus I need a tan!)

These are what the consultant took. I see an improvement in my back roll here. LOVING that!

So...there ya have it.

I also do this weird thing at home parties where I talk myself out of buying things because I KNOW there are probably better alternatives. I really liked the protein shake she let us sample, but I'm positive I can find a similar one for less than $80. I also liked "The Greens" superfood alkalizing drink powder, but someone else mentioned you can find something similar cheaper at Trader Joes. Perfect! This may also be why I'm a horrible sales person. (even for Tastefully Simple.) If I know there are better alternatives for something, I feel like I'm lying by selling you something else. I digress.

I did buy some fat fighter pills. You take them after you eat a big meal that you might want some fat fighters for. Wish I had those babies last night! I signed up for a 3 month thing so I could get them cheaper. They are only like $23, so I figured I could do that and I definitely could use a few fat fighters in my life. 

Have a good weekend, folks.


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