Saturday, September 15, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

 So apparently "The Versatile Blogger Award" is going around via Fitness Unscripted. (Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp) <-- Have I mentioned how in love I am with this group? Anyway, the lovely Erin L. at nominated me for the award from her! Whoo hoo! I feel so special. I never "win" anything! Thanks again Erin!!  To make absolute sure I do this correctly, I'm gunna copy and paste the "rules" from Erin's page so everyone else will know what to do.

According to Erin, the rules of receiving this 'award' are:
1. Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
2. Let the nominated bloggers know they have been nominated
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post

1. I am a total clean FREAK. By that, I don't mean my house isn't a MESS 75% of the time, but it's clean. I can not turn my inspection radar off when I go to other peoples' houses. I don't judge at all, but dirty sink faucets, dusty fan blades (and decorations), and un-mopped/un-vacuumed floors SCREAM at me. Eeek!

2. I have the LOUDEST yell ever! And I can't sing. If I could...I'd be GREAT. If my friends are in contests and it's judged on crowd applause, they know to invite me. For real.

3. I am still scared something will grab and pull me under my bed when I get up in the middle of the night. Also, I check my closets and showers before getting into bed in case a monster is hiding out in one.

4. I like artificial bacon bits better than the "real" bacon ones. It's the crunch.

5. I can straight up shake my ass like a ghetto girl in a rap video. (And talk like one!) And yes, I am as country as it gets.

6. Before having a child, seeing those dramatic birth stories on TV, where the mother is SCREAMING bloody murder like a freakin' maniac did not phase me. I knew it was fake and added for extra drama. WRONG! I was THAT LADY in the birthplace when I was in labor. I screamed I wanted to die, bit my husband, and just SCREAMED because it effin' hurt. And I told y'all about my loud yell right?! (I believe everyone's labor pains vary from tolerable to NOT tolerable..mine were NOT) And my epidural did not work. ...Nor did the anesthesia for my C-section. ANYWAY..

7.  I won best looking in my high school's senior awards. I still don't know how that happened. It was probably a cruel joke. Whatev!

And for my Versatile Blogger Award, I shall nominate... dun dun dun...

Lindsay at -
Julie at -
Kaylynn at -

Ready. Set. Go!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Vacation & a Pig Pick'n!

Holy crap.. I fell off the face of the Earth. Or so it would seem from the blogging world. Truth be told, I've actually been extra busy! Too busy to get in here and write about it anyways. I could write blog (I'm not a writer, nor do I aspire to be!) on my iPhone, but I hate doing it that way. Call me old fashioned.

So.. last time I updated, the family & I were about to go on our summer vacation to the beach. Weight-wise I got to 146 (See last post) before we went. My goal was 139, but oh well. I ended up braving it one day and semi-rocking my bikini. I say semi because I definitely didn't feel totally comfortable. Comfortable enough to post the picture on my actual FB I consider it a small win. I also posted it on "Fit Camp" with the caption some like "Finally braving a bikini today!" Some ladies said some things like "Not really braving it.." and I think I know what they meant by it. Or at least I hope I do. I took it as a weird compliment. Weird meaning..they were saying I looked good, but at the same time I wasn't being brave, there was no need to have to be brave since I was already skinny. Well.. I do not feel skinny. Nor do I think I look skinny...yet. I've read in several other blogs the term "Skinny-fat." That's me right now, in my opinion. Yes, Im 25ish lbs lighter, my face is smaller, & my legs are smaller. But, I still have back boobs, a muffin top, a beer gut, and saggy boobs that could be on a 50 year old woman's body. (FACT- my actual 51 year old mom's boobs look better than mine and they are not fake!...UGH!) I know you can't really tell from the picture. That's WHY I chose that top. I didn't wanna scare everyone off of the beach!

The whole week at the beach, we pretty much ate whatever. Although, we did have a gym in our resort, I did not use it. I did, however, wonder in to find a scale. Hopped on and was pleasently surprised. I was only up to 149. Don't remember the exact day, but it was near the end of the week. And when I say we ate whatever...I mean BAD. Pizza the first night, burgers, frozen Lasagna, chips & various dips, cake, icecream etc. It rained almost the entire week. Which did indeed suck HUGE balls. Out of the 7 days we were there we only spent 2 whole days on the beach. But all in was relaxing after you consider we did have our 2 year old so it was lot of work too since she's never really been away from home. (Bedtime was HELL. And it didn't help that idiots kept shooting fireworks- oh about 100 yards from our balcony at midnight EACH night. ....assholes. Who actually shoots fireworks and has FUN at the beach?!... kidding. But obviously, that was annoying.)Here's some of my favorite photos from our trip!

 She made her first Build-a-Bear on one of our many rainy days. You know that thing was $50?!

 These 2 are some of the only REAL photos I got to take. The bottom is Mackenna and her                 Pawpaw.                                                                                

 The 4 generations. From left to right - Mackenna, me, Mom (Mawmaw), Grandbob. (Her name is Bobbie Faye and she didn't wanna be called Grandmaw, Granny, Nana, etc. when I was Grandbob it has been ever since!) & bottom is Mackenna, Pawpaw, & Daddy's sand-ship creation.

All in was fun! Then this past weekend my family hosted their anual pig-pickin' at our lake cabin. (Pig-pickin' is a BBQ for all of you non-southerners!) They've done this anual BBQ for quite a few years now and I definitely look forward to it each year. It's normally in the fall and we do bonfires & the rest of that redneck goodness, but the past few years the BBQ has taken on the title for whatever celebration is due and thus takes on the time of year suitable. This weekend it was to celebrate my stepdad's graduation. I think I mentioned previously, he went to college part time for 10 FREAKIN' YEARS while working to support my mom and myself! So yes...he deserved the party this year. So of course I ate BBQ like crazy & drank too many beers. OH! One good thing.. I have cut way down on the smoking. I only smoked ONE cigarette last night while watching Bachelor Pad & drinking 4 beers. I usually have 1 cigarette PER beer. That's a WIN!

So there's the 2 main things that's gone on lately. My next blog will be about something I've really been thinking a lot about. And it's Mackenna's health. I've been realizing how my health and things I do really affect her. It's kinda scary!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous week! =)