Wednesday, February 27, 2013

*Weigh-In Wednesday* and *SO WHAT! Wednesday*

Can I do that? 2 link-ups in the same day? Don't call the blog police on me. Besides, my "Weigh-In Wednesday" link-up just isn't all that exciting this week.

First up, weighing in with Erin and Alex. Well..I'm up a pound. See my last post for that reason. But I did a 5k today, so I'm feeling great. I really didn't do an official 5k, but that feels so much cooler than just saying I ran 3.1 miles.

Also, speaking of Erin, she's hosting a diet bet starting on March 4th, running for 4 weeks. All you have to do is pay $15 and lose 4% of your body weight. Easy friggin' peasy, right? Well, let's hope I don't eat those words in 4 weeks. I love eating.  It doesn't get any better though.. than doing what you're already doing and winning some money for it. So, if a dollar makes YOU holler, you can sign up to play along here.


I recently found Shannon and her blog "Life After I Dew". She's hosting "SO WHAT! Wednesday." I was immediately on board for this idea, because well...sometimes you just say...SO WHAT!

-So what... if I leave clothes in the washing machine to spend nap time blogging instead of getting stuff done.
-So what... if I bribe my toddler with trips to Chuck E. Cheese if she'll poop in the potty.
-So what... if I'm making sure each of these little "So what..." do-hickies are perfectly aligned.
-So what... if I'm excited for a date night with the hubs this weekend because "terrible twos" are running rampant in my household.
-So what... if I'm ready to book a summer vacation for an extra kick in the rear!
-So what... if all I want to do this time of year is SHOP. (It's not warm enough to stay outside a lot yet and I'm tired of being cooped up in the damn house.)
-So what... if we're eating leftover spaghetti-squash-spaghetti again tonight because I made way too much last night.
-So what... if I took my little photo and "blurb" down the other day because I thought it was ridiculous and have yet to add anything in it's place.
-So what... if now, I'm looking around the room for more "So whats."

That's all folks! Happy HUMP day!

Oh wait! Don't forget a picture!