Thursday, April 4, 2013

Purse Party Link Up


Since I haven't done a link up in a hot minute, I've apparently, forgotten how to copy a HTML, so my purse picture looks all fat and stretched. Whatever.

I'm linking up with Erin and Mel for a purse party today. Thank goodness someone hosts these awesome link ups, because otherwise bloggers people like me wouldn't have anything to talk about!

I'm pretty boring when it comes to purses. For some reason, that's one accessory I can pass up. Jewelry and shoes on the other hand... yikes. I don't even want to try to figure how much I've spent on those.

I'll buy one nice (to me) purse and carry it for at least a season. I've never owned a Coach. I have had a knock-off Louis Vuitton someone bought me off of the street in New York. That piece of crap lasted about 2 weeks!

This is my current purse. It's big. It's practical. It's neutral. It goes with everything. I got it from a friend (who IS a purse freak) at our yard sale last summer. It's a Big Buddha, hardly used, and I think I gave her $40 for it. This actually is only my purse IF I'm going somewhere without Mackenna or somewhere I don't need to carry the other 34598340583 things I usually do. I used to carry a purse AND a diaper bag. That got old...real quick.

That's where this bag comes in. It's a Thirty-One bag. I know I've told y'all how I'm a sucker for all things direct sells. Plus, it has 7 pockets and is monogrammed. We all know us southern women love our monograms.

I always stay strapped. With water and apple juice. I'm so hood.

Here we have the contents. So very boring, I know. Wallet, 2 things of wipes, a pull-up, lotion, shades, gum, a granola bar, fruit chews, tampons, lipstick, and hand sanitizer. Usually, I have a change of clothes in here too, for Mackenna. We're still newly potty trained.

And last but not least...these would be my "cosmetics." I've never been one to carry my makeup with me. Except for maybe some lip gloss or powder if I get sweaty, I put makeup on one time a day. If that ain't good enough, oh well.  Our neighbors got Mackenna her own Dora lip gloss. It's full of glitter, so needless to say, she's only put it on once. Honestly, I forgot we even had it until now.

Then, hand sanitizer. Where would I be with you? I am a totally germ-a-phobe. I've heard it's not good for kids to use, but I think I'll take my chances. After all, bacteria from touching a public toilet paper dispenser isn't good for kids either.

PS- I swear before I ever saw any blogs today, I decided to throw all the random papers and receipts in here away. The past few days my hubby has been referring to my purse as my "trash can." Perfect timing!

Okay, off to go see what kinda junk everyone else carries around!