Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter To Myself

With my birthday coming up, I thought it might be appropriate to do a letter to myself like several others have already done. Here it goes..


Dear high school me,

You will become less awkward as times goes on. You won't always be a bean pole and you will learn how to pluck your eyebrows. As far as that horrible name some people call you, brush it off. They're jealous and they won't even matter at all in your life ahead. You will get your first real boyfriend and you think you will marry him. You won't. GREAT decision! You will dump him eventually for the "cool" guy, who will break your heart. It's okay though, you learn a lot from it and eventually move on.

Don't quit dance. The boyfriends you have in highschool won't be your husband. So stick to what you love doing. And quit skipping school for gravy biscuits and cuddle time with your boyfriend! Making good grades will make your life a lot easier in the long run!

Stop..just stop going to parties and pretending to drink beer and then pretending to be drunk. And act overly silly and annoying. You're not respecting yourself at all and will later regret it.  It's okay to be the only one not drinking at a party. That's a good thing. And you'll have plenty of time to drink when you're legal.

Dear highschool graduate me,

FINISH Cosmetology school!You're good at it. Your parents work way too hard for you to waste all that money. Quit letting petty things influence BIG decisions. And if you do quit, at least finish your next ambition, which will be dental hygiene. That's an even better choice. And you won't always have the time or the fortune of your parents paying for your school to be able to do so.

Your first trip to a club will come soon. It's very stupid to drink Vodka and Gatorade in gas station Styrofoam cups. You won't fool the cops that way and your friend isn't going to hide the evidence just by shoving it under the seat. Go ahead and tell your parents. They will be pissed, but at least they'll have time to save the money (or make you work for it) to hire a lawyer and save your ass from a record and a stupid class with a bunch of real-life losers. Did I mention being nicer to your mom? She's your best friend. Be thankful she's as "mean" as she is.

Before you get your job at Hooters, realize there's a stereotype. And if you plan on working there a while, get used to the fact that it's all you'll be able to show on a resume. Most professionals don't (and won't) take Hooters seriously.

You will have a couple more boyfriends. The relationships will teach you more than you think. They might be a handful of jerks, but you'll appreciate your husband more when you find him.

Other than being able to support yourself, Hooters will have it's advantages. You will form some lasting friendships and one lasting relationship. You will meet your husband here and you won't expect it. He's not a club rat like he's trying to make it sound. He thinks you're cool so he's trying to impress you. Don't worry. Go ahead and go out with him.

The next few years will be the most fun. Have fun and enjoy this time. It's not cute to drink yourself to sickness though.

Your period will be late and you know why. Quit putting it off. You're already 5 weeks pregnant. It's okay though, because your boyfriend, Darren is the best guy you could ever imagine. He won't run. He is your best friend. Matter or fact, he'll be there every single step of the way, propose when your daughter is born, and work his ass off to support you both when she's here. You have found one in a million. Consider yourself lucky. As far as your parents, of course they will be mad at you again. Okay.."disappointed." You will understand that once your daughter is born.

All in all, you're doing a great job. You will be very happy with how your life unfolds.
You're a good girl. Just stick with that. No need to try and be anything you're not.


Only a few years older, but much wiser,



  1. I love this, Jenn! I did something similar last year and it was the best feeling when I finished and read it back to myself.

    The part that made me laugh was the Gatorade and vodka part at the gas stattion-- we've all been there! :)

  2. Awesome post. I love this letter to yourself. What a great idea. And your daughter - what a blessing in disguise. Beautiful.

  3. Not going to lie this just brought a tear to my eye and I dont even know you! lol
    You seem like such an amazing person and mother! Im glad I follow your blog!
    I love this idea and may try to steal it!

    1. How sweet of you, Steph!! You're welcome to steal away...after all, I stole it from others! =)